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3D & Binaural


El Turista 3DBlaumut
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Calle del CarmenJ. Guerrero & Niña Pastori
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Specialized studio in 3D & Binaural Mixing

We want to go one step further in order to offer to the listeners the experience of a Binaural listening, improving spatiality and thus creating a much richer mix in all aspects of sound.

Thanks to 3D technology, the mix is ​​transformed into an immersive experience, where sounds come alive and have a spatialization.

We work with software to transform your song in 3D while maintaining it in classic formats such as Stereo.

The Binaural mix is ​​designed to be better appreciated with headphones, since it is encoded in a Stereo file, but you can also appreciate the differences with Stereo speakers.

So you can share and distribute it on all the usual channels and platforms without any problem (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Shazam, ...)

Do you want to know more about 3D sound? Write us at

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