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Sr. Chen

It is the meeting between two musicians in good shape: Chano Domínguez and Niño Josele. Both have made versions of legendary Brazilians such as Luiza, Rosa or Lua branca, but they have also dared with Because by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and Two for the road, by Henry Mancini.


What defines this group are its lyrics full of images, the arrangements of stringed instruments and the sound produced by various junk that their performers use on stage.

Since the publication of their first album and until now, the group has experienced continuous growth thanks to their first hit "Pa amb oli i sal"

Manuel Carrasco
manuel carrasco habla II.jpeg

Manuel Carrasco is without a doubt, a composer of stories, an artist capable of turning his words into verses and transforming his emotions into melodies. The root of his origin is visible throughout his career as well as the depth of feelings that reflect all his compositions.

I mean

Eva Fernández

Eva Fernández is a young promise of Catalan jazz who stands out as a saxophonist and singer. Despite her youth, and as a member of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, directed by the poly-instrumentalist Joan Chamorro, Eva Fernández accumulates a long experience in a few years and is part of the new batch of young and outstanding female voices.

Nathy Peluso
nathy peluso.jpg

Nathy Peluso is one of the main exponents of the new Latin-European musical vanguard. Singer and songwriter born in Argentina grew up listening to a wide variety of music, from Ray Charles, Joao Gilberto, Ella Fitzgerald, Atahualpa Yupanqui and D'Angelo.

Leïti Sene
Leiti hitmakers.jpeg

Leïti Sene, a 20-year-old from Barcelona with Senegalese roots who for many is known for being a member of the Samxsen collective. Now, he has taken the solo step with Joël, an EP that has just seen the light today and in which we can perceive a very polished and international sound. In it we can hear the collaborations with Cecilio G and the song "Galarina" that he has released with Aleesha, accompanied by an incredible video clip directed by Ana Sting.


Brazzaville is an American group, founded in Los Angeles in 1997 by David Brown who was Beck's saxophonist. David is the vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist for Brazzaville. They have so far recorded several studio albums.

Rels B

Rels B is a singer, songwriter and music producer in the urban hip hop cultural genre. He is recognized for being one of the few artists who does not belong to any record label and who has reached the peak of success for his great talent independently.

Sara Pi

Soul, tropical music, electronic ... With these ingredients, sifted by a soft and expressive voice, Sara Pi arrives. Suggestive and sensual, she appears with that collage of Brazilian aromas and acoustic sounds that have made her a true princess of Spanish soul.

Andrea Motis
andrea motis primer disco.jpg

The young trumpeter and singer Andrea Motis has been surprising the public since 2010 when, at just 14 years old, she recorded the album "Joan Chamorro Presenta Andrea Motis", a work where Andrea performs with the trumpet and saxophone, but where above all her voice.

Duende Josele

José Manuel Díez has collaborated with many different musicians on his albums and live shows: Los Delinqüentes, Albertucho, Poncho K, Luis Pastor, Bebe, La Cabra Mecánica, La Excepción, Gecko Turner, Pedro Pastor Guerra, etc. and he has also stood out in his lesser-known work of artistic and musical production.

Within the literary world he is recognized above all as a poet. He signs his books by his full name: José Manuel Díez.

Chano Dominguez
chano dominguez piano iberico.jpg

Chano Domínguez is one of the most famous jazz pianists and composers. His singular work is defined by its Flemish origins.

In more than 40 years of his career, he has dazzled all kinds of audiences, including other musicians spanning the worlds of jazz and flamenco.

Marina Tuset
marina hitmakers.jpeg

He debuted as a singer with the quintet led by David Sam.

He has obtained the title of Professional Degree of Modern Music and Jazz in the Modern Music Classroom of the Lyceum in the specialty of singing. He has also obtained a scholarship from the Ferrer Salat Foundation to study the Superior Council of the Lyceum where he studied the first year.

She is currently studying Jazz composition and performance at the Berklee College of music (Boston), with a scholarship from the same university.

Biel Ballester

One of the best performers of this style today, the Balearic Biel Ballester, who was born a few decades later, seduced the filmmaker Woody Allen, but also captured musicians such as Birelli Lagrene, Babik Reindhardt and Angelo Debarre, and the Refined label. Records, with whom he recorded a live in London. An unrivaled resume for a gypsy jazzman faithful to tradition, but open-minded

And many more productions ...


Pepe Motos, Soraya, Pura Rumba, Paquito D´Rivera, Manu Chao, La Unión, Sole Giménez, Josemi Carmona, Carlos Benavent, David Otero Martín, Jeff Ballard, Dani Nel-lo, Manel, Andrea Motis, Music Workshop, Manel , Jorge Pardo, Niño Josele, Moncho, The Saurs, RolCof, Big Mama, Martirio, Fernando Trueba, Eric Jiménez (Los Planetas), Alain Perez, Sizzla, Gian Marco, A Slow Motion, Manu Masaedo, Aurora, BSO Verano 1993 ( 5 Gaudí awards and 3 Goya awards), Tori Sparks, Peret, Seward, La Pegatina, Txarango, Leiti Sene, Yes IM, Mark Aanderud, Ismael González, Gipsy Kings, Vic Mirallas, Curos, Anabel Englund ...


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